Clear Skies serves clean tech companies to integrate commercial fleets operations into their business goals. We bring the financial and technical acumen of large professionally-managed fleets to the small fleet operator. Whether your company installs solar panels, services wind turbines, repairs boilers, or operates alternative-fuel taxis, vehicles are a vital tool for your operations. We can show you how to get more miles for less cost, maximizing the lifecycle value of your rolling assets.

Optimizing fleet lifecycle costs often falls "below the fold."


Let real-time data on vehicle utilization guide you in your decisions on fuel and assets management.

Fuel Options

We provide options that lower your costs while providing resilience to your enterprise.

Tell your story

If you are doing your part to protect the environment, people should know. We help you tell your story.

Let's go

Our turn-key projects include engineering, installation, and finance. Focus on your business, and leave the rest to us.

Overcome three key barriers:

First, managing the fleet is a small aspect of the business, and an owner's time is often better spent working with customers, recruiting great staff, and keeping ahead of the curve. 

Second, capital costs of replacing vehicles and selecting ideal power train and fuel options can be burdensome to growing businesses.

Finally, real-time information and trustworthy decision-making tools are scarce. Because of these three barriers, many excellent opportunities are left behind.